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Carry out fire safety training and improve fire safety awareness
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Since the launch of the work safety month, the administrative and logistics department has been focusing on the theme of the work safety month activity of "eliminating hidden dangers of accidents and building a solid safety defense line", constantly strengthening the safety awareness and self-defense and self rescue ability of all employees, improving the ability to deal with emergencies, and resolutely curbing the occurrence of all kinds of safety accidents. On July 17, the administrative and Logistics Department invited the instructors of Yuncheng xuan'an fire science and technology center to conduct fire safety knowledge training in the conference room on the third floor of the company's R & D building. More than 100 people from the team leaders of various departments, cadres at or above the competent level, workshop safety officers, equipment administrators, members of the safety team of the company attended the training.
In the training course, the instructor took the recent fire accident as an example to explain the importance of fire safety work to production enterprises in simple terms, focusing on the basic principles of "self inspection of fire hazards, self rescue of incipient fire, self responsibility for safety and participation of all employees", and strengthening the technical measures and organizational management measures of fire prevention and explosion prevention. With easy to understand language, it vividly expounds people's psychological and behavioral errors when fire occurs; The fire prevention of production plant, office and high-rise buildings and how to save oneself and escape in case of fire are explained in detail. The correct use of fire extinguisher, fire blanket and safety hammer is demonstrated on site.
Through this training, the fire safety awareness and self-protection and self rescue ability of the staff will be further improved, the fire safety "master" awareness of the staff will be strengthened, and the staff's consciousness of doing a good job in the fire safety work will be cultivated, so as to truly prevent the "fire" and lay a solid foundation for the company to create a good fire safety production environment.

Enclosure:Carry out fire safety training and improve fire safety awareness