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Birthday party in July
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In order to reflect the company's humanistic care, strengthen team building, improve team cohesion, let employees feel the warmth of the company's big family, and enhance their sense of identity and belonging to the company. On July 23, the July employee birthday party organized by the administrative and logistics department was held on the second floor of the company's employee restaurant.

Before the birthday party, the staff of the administrative and logistics department came to the activity room early to hang color bars, blow balloons, and put cakes... To prepare a warm birthday party for the birthday stars, and strive to create a warm, harmonious, relaxed and harmonious activity atmosphere.
Zhang Shanjun, vice president of quality, is invited to spend this happy and warm moment with you. First of all, on behalf of the company, Mr. Zhang sends birthday wishes to all the birthday stars and thanks for your long-term hard work. At the same time, the company will also create more development space for you. We hope that you can make joint efforts and grow together with the company.

With the leadership's blessing, we make our own wishes and jointly expect the company to become better and better. During the activity, everyone clinked glasses and wished each other "Happy Birthday", which instantly shortened the distance between each other and shared the joy of birthday.
A birthday star who attended the birthday party couldn't help sighing, "I feel really surprised. Thank the company for holding such a warm activity for us. My birthday wish is to wish my family good health, wish my colleagues everything they want, and look forward to the development of the company."

Delicious cake, sincere blessing, hearty laughter, warm smiling face... Are deeply recorded in the camera, fixed in everyone's memory.
Finally, I wish all the birthday stars in July a happy birthday!

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