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May birthday party - happy every year
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In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, let employees feel the warmth of the big family of Dayun locomotive, and enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of employees. On the evening of May 14, Dayun Locomotive Co., Ltd. held a wonderful and warm birthday party on the second floor of the restaurant.

Before the birthday event, the cooks have prepared delicious birthday banquet and longevity noodles for all birthday stars. The staff of the administrative and logistics department also prepared the birthday cake in advance to play happy birthday songs for all; With the expectation, Shouxing people came to the scene of the birthday party. They gathered together, knew each other and understood each other. They had a scene of their own happiness.

Master Jin, the birthday driver, said that he seldom celebrates his birthday. All of a sudden, so many people prepared birthday meals and exquisite cream cakes for him. Listening to the happy birthday song, he was very moved and expressed his gratitude to the company for the special arrangement of this staff celebration.
Ding Yuan, the birthday star of the production management department, said with emotion that it was the first time to participate in such a birthday party. Everyone cut the birthday cake together, made a wish together and ate the birthday meal together. He was really happy and felt the warmth of the big family.
      With the lighting of the birthday candle, the birthday party has reached a climax. Wishing and cake cutting make the birthday every year very different at this moment. Even if it's just an ordinary birthday activity, even if we just get together here for a drink and a pleasure, we all have a smile beyond words and happiness beyond concealment.

Happy time is always short, with everyone's laughter and noise, birthday party activities are slowly coming to an end.
For everyone, this is an unforgettable memory; For the company, this is an activity with special significance, which is also unforgettable and worth recalling. People oriented, pay attention to the life of employees is the concept of Universiade locomotive has been following, so that employees feel the company's deep concern, feel the warmth and happiness of the collective is also the original intention of the company's cultural construction and birthday activities, but also the most fundamental purpose.
       Universiade locomotive wishes every birthday person all the best, all the happiness, all the warmth, all the good luck are always around you.
Happy birthday, family!

Enclosure:May birthday party - happy every year